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Specialty Smoothies
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Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

Iced Tea
The refreshing blend of iced tea and peaches.

Coconut Custard
Attention coconut lovers! The perfect blend of coconut, nonfat vanilla yogurt, and white chocolate.

Frozen Mochachino
Pick up your day with the mochachino containing chocolate, cappuccino, coffee, and nonfat vanilla yogurt.

Caramel Blast
A tasty treat of caramel, nonfat vanilla yogurt, cappuccino, and coffee.

Get your maracas ready! pineapples, oranges, and lime blended to perfection.

Go Green
Get your daily fix of life's greens blended with mango, banana, and whey protein.

Cake Batter
Sweet but healthy! Nonfat vanilla yogurt, white chocolate, and rainbow sprinkles combined together.

Chocolate Chip Blast
A terrific blast of chocolate chip cookies, chocolate, and nonfat vanilla yogurt to satisfy your sweet tooth.

This one will blow you away! mango, coconut,white chocolate, goji, and nonfat vanilla yogurt.

Matt's Reeses
Love reeses? Perfect blend of peanut butter, chocolate, coffee, cappuccino, and nonfat vanilla yogurt.

Oreo's and Cream
Super tasty blend of oreos, banana, nonfat vanilla yogurt, and chocolate.

Snow Ed
Go crazy with our delicious combination of coconut, white chocolate, and strawberry.

Green Tea
Healthy and delicious! matcha green tea, banana, peaches, and nonfat vanilla yogurt blended perfectly to your liking.

Mad Mocha
Energize your taste buds with the delicious blend of mocha java, chocolate, nonfat vanilla yogurt, and whey protein.

Java Chip
Indulge yourself in a delicious combination of java chip, chocolate, nonfat vanilla yogurt, and whey protein.